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1925 Maytag ad
"A week's washing done in an hour."

1927 Wringer Washer Grinder Churn

Maytag Model 92 washer The Historical Society doesn't ordinarily advertise products, as we're a non-profit organization. However, once in a while we discover an exciting new invention, one which we guarantee will change your life, and we want our readers to be the first to know about it!

Our latest discovery is the Maytag Model 92 washer (1927-1930). This remarkable appliance runs on electricity or gasoline — it's the Toyota Prius of washing machines!

You've not one but two choices for power:
1. If you have electricity available in your house, you'll want to motivate your new Maytag washer with a quiet, powerful motor made by the General Electric Company.
2. If you have no electricity yet, simply connect the optional 3/4 HP two-stroke gasoline engine to your Maytag's drive belt.

How to operate the Maytag "multi-motor" gasoline engine:
Pour a little gasoline/oil mix into the integrated tank, being careful not to spill any on your shoes. (Best to stub out your cigarette first.) Give it a little choke, then step on the starter pedal once or twice and you're in business! It's no louder than your average lawnmower. We recommend that you connect the flexible exhaust pipe (included), which channels most of the blue smoke and carbon monoxide outdoors.

Wash up to 50 lbs. of clothing per hour in the cast aluminum tub (which will never rust). To drain the tub, simply unhook the drain hose and let her dangle. This will empty 21 gallons of soapy water onto your shoes, to wash off any gasoline you may have spilled.

The motorized wringer will wring your clothes mostly dry; it adjusts itself automatically for handkerchiefs and blankets, and does not crush buttons. (Please keep your fingers and other body parts away from the wringer at all times.)

The Maytag Model 92 "multi-motor" gasoline engine

grinder Once you have washed all of your clothes and wrung them dry, you'll step back to admire your new Maytag Model 92 and ask yourself, "What else can this wonderful machine do?" It does so much more!

Optional attachments for your Maytag Model 92:
Meat grinder.
Can you grind meat with your new Maytag washer? Of course you can! Simply lift off the motorized wringer and install the Maytag Grinder attachment. Now you may grind meats, nuts, fruits, or relish at the astonishing rate of two pounds per hour.
(Photo of the Maytag Grinder attachment courtesy of the Whirlpool Corp.)

Butter churn.
Do you prefer butter and whipped cream to ground beef or relish? Simply remove the agitator from the washtub and install the Maytag Churn / Cream Whipper attachment. Don't worry - your butter won't taste soapy - the cream goes inside the all-aluminum churn.

The Historical Society thanks Dick and Betsy Moody for the loan of their Maytag washer (with gas and electric motors) for our Winter 2018-2019 Special Exhibit. Its serial number 418220X identifies it as a 1927-1930 Model 90 (electric) or 92 (gas); over half a million Model 90-92 machines were sold!

Please visit the Museum and see more items in the "Washing and Ironing" exhibit plus the "Leatherworking Tools" exhibit.

Six-minute YouTube video of a newer gas-powered Maytag washer: starting the engine, washer action & wringing.
Note that the Minnesota lady uses a wood stick to keep her fingers out of the wringer.